Transformative Research & Leadership Development

Our interdisciplinary teams discover, design, and disseminate cost-saving innovations for conditions comprising the bulk of U.S. health care spending. We collaborate closely with research, industry, and philanthropic partners.

Harnessing Innovations Across Medicine, Engineering, and Management


The latest research from CERC’s interdisciplinary teams from academia and industry

Health Care Policy

CERC faculty research examines systemic issues in the health care system

Care Models

Scalable delivery innovations that lower spending while improving outcomes

Computer Vision

Enhancing medical care delivery through advancements in artificial intelligence

Collaboration Opportunities

Opportunities to partner with noted Stanford scholars and innovators

CERC in the Media

Shaping the national discourse around value-based care and health policy 

Training Health Care Leaders Who Innovate Technology and Business Design

Master of Science in Clinical Informatics Management (MCiM)

Started by CERC faculty in 2021, this one-year management program provides leaders and emerging leaders in health care and technology with the clinical business and informatics capabilities to transform care delivery through digital innovation. Applications are available each September for the session beginning the following June.

High Value Health Care Incubator (HVHCI)

CERC's HVHC Incubator is designed to help non-profit clinics and organizations in the California safety net find solutions to challenges delivering care to the growing population of Californians dependent on publicly funded health care. Once identified, these innovations will be available to other clinics to scale improvements quickly.

CERC’s Design, Innovation and Clinical Entrepreneurship Fellowship

CERC’s 11-month Design Fellowship provides early-career innovators and aspiring health care leaders the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to design care delivery innovations that result in better care at lower cost.