Stanford Cancer Institute

Tissue Procurement

About Tissue Procurement

The objective of the Tissue Procurement Shared Resource facility is to procure and provide needed tissue specimens to SCI investigators to support cancer-related research.   

The Resource offers the following services to SCI members: 

  • Collecting and banking freshly-frozen tumor and normal tissue from surgical material and autopsy specimens 
  • Providing fresh tumor tissue for viable cell studies, 
  • Processing and banking blood from cancer patients 
  • Maintaining a tissue database with links to clinicopathological data 
  • Providing histological staining and pathological review 
  • Coordinating patient consent and assuring regulatory compliance

As a centralized shared resource, the facility and expert staff add value through experience, efficiency, standardization, accountability, protection of patient confidentially and timely completion of research. 

The Resource also provides a portal to a “virtual bank” which links inventories of specialized satellite repositories, including collections of hematological and neurosurgical specimens.  Since 2013, the Resource also has been contributing tumor tissue to the National Institutes of Health Cancer Genome Atlas after meeting rigorous procurement requirements.

Services can be requested through iLabs


Danielle Leuenberger, PhD

Tissue Bank Manager