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Clinical trials are scientific studies that involve people in research and are the only way to advance cancer treatment. Before people are given a new intervention, it is carefully studied in the laboratory. Studies with the most promising results are then moved into clinical trials with people. Clinical trials are used to evaluate new and better ways to treat, prevent, detect, diagnose, and manage symptoms of cancer.

Once you locate a trial/s of interest through our search engine (via conditions or eligibility), or mobile app (iOS | Android), click through to the trial’s detail page. Scroll down and review the “Eligibility” section. All clinical trials have guidelines about who can take part. Anyone who wants to take part must fit the guidelines to be in the study (called the inclusion and exclusion criteria). These usually relate to age and gender, cancer type and stage, other medical conditions you may have and the types of treatments already undergone.

Once you have located a study in which you feel you reasonably meet the eligibility criteria, contact the study team directly.  On the trial’s detail page you will find “contact information” listed on the right hand side of the page.

After contacting the study team you may be pre-screened prior to an in-person consultation with a study physician who determines if you are eligible for the trial.

·         The study team may ask you questions over the phone though their pre-screening process.

·         You may be asked to set up an appointment through New Patient Coordinator for an in-person consultation with a study physician to determine eligibility and treatment options. The New Patient Coordinator phone number is (650) 498-6000.

If after reading study descriptions you find it difficult to decide which study is appropriate, discuss the study with your oncologist or make an appointment for a second opinion at Stanford to find out about all potential treatment options. To make an appointment, please call the Stanford Cancer Center New Patient Coordinator at 650-498-6000.

You should ask many questions so you can best decide if joining a trial is right for you. Here are some questions you may want to consider…More

There are two types of costs:

1) Routine care costs 

2) Research costs. Health insurance typically covers the cost of the routine care. 

These are costs that would incur whether or not you were in a clinical trial. However, you will still be responsible for any co-payments and/or deductibles. Research costs for the research portion of a trial are paid for by the trial itself at no cost to you. However, there may be additional costs, such as personal time and travel expenses, which may or may not be covered by a clinical trial. Please be aware that each trial is unique. The study team will go over the costs of participation with you before you agree to participate.

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If you are interested in applying for a clinical trial or have questions, an associate is available to provide information and assist you with the application process. Feel free to reach out for further guidance and support.