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  • Protecting the rights of cancer patients

    On August 30, 2021, California adopted the Cancer Patients’ Bill of Rights, the first legislation of its kind in the United States. This legislation gives cancer patients inalienable rights to help them achieve access and equity in their care.

  • Lung Cancer Survivors Who Have Never Smoked Have a High Risk of Developing New Cancers

    A study led by SCI members Summer Han, PhD, and Eunji Choi, PhD, and graduate student Chloe Su found that lung cancer survivors who have never smoked have the same risk as survivors who have smoked of developing secondary primary lung cancer (SPLC), which is cancer that spreads to the lungs from somewhere else in the body.

  • Gastrointestinal Cancer: A Conversation with George Poultsides, MD

    During Gastric and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, SCI member George Poultsides discusses his efforts to advance early detection of pancreatic cancer, improve personalized oncology, and direct Stanford's Surgical Oncology Fellowship program while enhancing patient-centered care.

  • 2023 American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting & Exposition

    Stanford is excited to have 26 presenters at this year's ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition. The Stanford Cancer Institute will also be hosting a booth at this year's conference.

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