About Us

    The Brain Stimulation Lab utilizes novel brain stimulation techniques to probe and modulate the neural networks underlying neuropsychiatric diseases/disorders in an effort to develop new models and novel treatments. We focus on utilizing neurostimulation to probe the neural elements involved in control of conflict regulation within the human brain. The mission of the BSL is to utilize cutting-edge neuroimaging techniques in an effort to develop new hypotheses regarding proposed dysfunction within the neural networks involved in neuropsychiatric diseases/disorders. With this information, the team utilizes neuromodulation strategies to assess whether our proposed brain-behavior theories are accurate. The BSL offers research study treatments for numerous neuropsychiatric diseases/disorders. Currently, the BSL has several active studies examining topics such as treatment-resistant depression, chronic pain, suicide, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. BSL studies utilize novel brain stimulation techniques, novel psychopharmacological approaches and neuroimaging methods.