Lab News

May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Month

Read about how AI can play a critical roll in the future of mental healthcare, ultimately making mental health resources and tools more accessible for all.

April 2022

There is always something to celebrate at the Boussard Lab. Today we celebrate many successes: qualifying examinations, Masters thesis project, birthdays and home ownership. Congratulations to all!

November 2022

Read the Healthcare IT news article that featured the Boussard Lab team that studied the link between first opioid prescription and dependency. The study applied machine learning algorithms to a unique database of millions of de-identified claims.

Recent Publications

Prediction of opioid-related outcomes in a Medicaid surgical population

We are thrilled to share insights from our new study titled "Prediction of Opioid-Related Outcomes in a Medicaid Surgical Population: Evidence to Guide Postoperative Opiate Therapy and Monitoring." This research opens doors to improving postoperative pain management strategies for Medicaid beneficiaries, helping physicians make more informed decisions regarding opioid prescriptions, and ensuring patient safety. The fusion of healthcare and AI brings us closer to personalized solutions, ultimately benefiting individuals and communities.

Plos Computational Biology

Artificial Intelligence–Enabled Analysis of Statin-Related Topics and Sentiments on Social Media

Read about how we use Bayesian logistic LASSO regression (BLLR) to inform clinical utility, Using real-world data from cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, the BLLR models demonstrated similar predictive performance to the standard model while offering the advantage of uncertainty estimation for risk predictions. The study highlights the importance of quantifying uncertainty in clinical settings and reveals differences in predictive uncertainties among patient subgroups.

Lancet eBioMedicine