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September 2023 Announcements

General Announcements Effective/Due Date
OAA Website Updates August 2023
Clinician Educators Effective/Due Date
Reminder: Change to CE Offer Letter Process 09/01/23
Reminder: Clinician Educator Change in Length of Terms 09/01/23
Professoriate Effective/Due Date
FSAT FAQs Immediately
Reminder: 10/02/2023 Deadline for Status of Annual Faculty Counseling Immediately
Update: SoM Professoriate Departmental Allocations for Anesthesiology and Ophthalmology Immediately
Systems and Reports Effective/Due Date
No updates for September 2023 September 2023
Visiting and Short-term Faculty Effective/Due Date
New Funding Requirement for Visiting Scholars and Visiting Postdoctoral Scholars 09/01/2023
Adjunct Clinical Faculty Effective/Due Date
Adjunct Clinical Faculty – Checklists Ongoing
Faculty Professional Development Effective/Due Date
OAA Faculty Mentoring Website Update Immediately

OAA Updates

  • New Faculty Applications!
  • MedOnboard is a tool to assist hiring departments with the onboarding process for incoming faculty. This application serves as the formal onboarding tool for faculty and facilitates communications between incoming faculty, hiring departments, and school/hospital functional units involved in onboarding. This tool should be used for Professoriate, Clinician Educator, and Instructor populations.
  • MedLeave is a tool assisting departments and faculty with requests and approvals for sabbaticals, professional development leaves (PDL), and unpaid leaves of absence (LWOS, LOA). Along with increased transparency around where requests sit within the approval process, the application also provides a leave accrual calculator (available to leave administrators and faculty) that determines the amount of time accrued for current and future leaves.

August FAA Roundtable

August 17, 2023

Topic: Deep Dive into the Different Visiting Titles


Upcoming Events

Upcoming FAA Roundtable

September 21, 2023

Topic: Faculty Professional Development


Upcoming Faculty Workshops

September 26, 2023

Topic: Professional Development Leave in the Clinician Educator Line



OAA Mission

To enhance the excellence of the School of Medicine through the appointment, promotion, and retention of a distinguished and diverse faculty dedicated to the continued development of an inclusive and equitable culture.

To support the professional and personal development of all faculty from recruitment through retirement.

To maintain the integrity of school and university standards, policies, and processes in partnership with academic departments, business units, and university leadership.

We highlight practices, evidence, suggestions, and programs that facilitate effective mentoring experiences, in order to support and advance faculty success at the Stanford School of Medicine. 

Our mission is to build capacity across our institution to deliver quality coaching in medical education and position Stanford Medicine as a leader in this domain.

On behalf of the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity and the Office of Academic Affairs, we are happy to announce a new website intended for our School of Medicine faculty to access a centralized hub of go-to resources for professional development and faculty training opportunities at Stanford.