Yang Lab Jobs

Postdoctoral Fellow

We are seeking highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellows to join the research lab in the Department of Neurological Science at Stanford University School of Medicine.

A successful candidate should have a background in Computational biology, bioengineer, biophysics, Data Science or relevant area to collaborate with lab biologists to develop algorithms, theoretical models, computational simulations, or mathematical models for statistical inference. The primary focuses in the laboratory are to understand regulatory mechanisms of cytoskeletal structures, to elucidate pathogenesis of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer, Huntington, Parkinson’s diseases, and to develop interventional strategies. The scientist will work with faculty investigators and lab members to analyze computational workflows; and to develop and execute modeling projects. The scientist will take the computational biology lead on developing novel analytical methods and mathematical /computational models. The scientist will independently run analyses and collaborate with experimenters on the appropriate analysis of generated data. The scientist will be responsible for a variety of computational and statistical tasks.

Life Science Research Professional 1

The Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences seeks a full-time Life Science Research Professional 1 (LSRP) to work in a laboratory whose primary focus is the understanding of how deregulation of cytoskeleton contribute to cellular dysfunctions and disease progression. The LSRP will be primarily responsible for cell culturing experiments to test cellular pathways, maintaining mouse breeding logs and colony databases, administering experimental therapeutics, assisting with data analyses. The LSRP will independently run experiments after consultation with a supervisor and will help modify existing techniques and procedures. The LSRP will be responsible for a variety of tasks including genotyping, protein detections, preparing tissue for histological analysis, immunostaining, microscopy, and statistical analysis of data. The LSRP will also be responsible for maintaining detailed experimental records and will provide technical support and training to other laboratory personnel.