Dear Future (Stanford) Radiology Residents,

Welcome to the Stanford University Radiology Residency website!

As the new Chief Residents for the 2022-2023 year, we are thrilled that you are interested in the Stanford Radiology Residency Program. We realize the difficulties that the global pandemic has created for you as you try to find the right program and we hope that this webpage can help.

Educational and research excellence has long been a priority for our program, and we are proud to say that community-building and creating meaningful relationships amongst residents and faculty is a major priority as well. The combination of a strong educational curriculum with an inclusive, supportive atmosphere has allowed our residents to explore their passions not only within radiology but also within medicine and beyond! Many of our residents have even been able to develop new initiatives that help the radiology department and the hospital as a whole run more smoothly and safely. 

There are practically endless learning opportunities provided by our world-renowned attending radiologists, both during our protected Thursday lecture block conferences and during division-specific educational conferences taking place at different times throughout the week. Our lectures have adapted to changing requirements by gamifying case-taking, incorporating peer-led case presentations, and creating block conferences that typically dovetail educational material for improved learning and retention.

Moreover, we have instituted RadCombinator for several years now, a program allowing residents protected time during the work week to focus on research or non-clinical endeavors, as desired. Our program’s flexibility allows residents to explore and develop their specific interests, whether that be research, medical education, community work, literary interests, or IT development.

Our strong sense of camaraderie within and between different residency classes has helped create a friendly and collegial environment both within and outside of the reading room. Generally, our residents and attendings are on a first-name basis and will frequently meet up after work, with the attending radiologists collectively endeavoring to create an environment that fosters both friendship and mentorship between trainees and faculty.

While we prioritize resident education and development, we also believe in the importance of work-life balance and enjoying the many wonderful things that the Bay Area has to offer, including the local beaches, hiking trails through the redwoods, the city of San Francisco, Napa wine country, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite, just to name a few.

We wish you the best of luck as you search for the residency that best fits your needs and are hopeful to see you at Stanford in the future!

Regards from your friendly neighborhood chiefs,

Sheila (DR-3), Jen (DR-3), and Drew (DR-4)