Current Stipends And Benefits

$74,027.20 $6,168.81  
II $77,771.20 $6,480.81  
III $83,657.60 $6,971.33  
IV $88,400.00 $7,366.53  
V $93,953.60 $7,829.32  
VI $98,092.80 $8,174.24  
VII $103,604.80 $8,633.57  
VIII $108,326.40 $9,027.03   

SHC provides the following for residents/fellows and their families:

*Hospital and major medical insurance (no charge for premiums, co-pays and deductibles waived for covered expenses at SHC/LCPH)

*Dental insurance (free for children, spouse available at a residents/fellows expense)

*Vision and mental health coverage

*Lab coats and their laundry
*Malpractice insurance (including tail coverage)
*Disability insurance
*Paid time off for illness and vacation
*Use of certain University athletic facilities
*Reimbursements: Initial CA MD license fee if obtained after receipt of a valid Stanford Healthcare contract, USMLE Part 1 fee (PGY I only while under SHC contract), CA MD license renewal fees, initial DEA and renewal fees (if the resident/fellow is under SHC contract at the time of renewal)

*1% annual bonus based on completion of a Quality Improvement Project (Automatically paid at the end of each academic year in June)
*$1,000 paid in July to cover cell phone use
*$3,000 moving allowance paid in September for new residents/fellows.
*$2, 000 educational allowance paid in November * (subject to completion of annual Healthstream modules)
*$7,200 housing allowance. $600 paid on the first paycheck of each month. (Note: Housing allowances will not be provided during any period of extended training.)
*Food allowance $10 per day (shifts of 12 hours or longer for clinical rotations only at SHC & LPCH - Payments made on last paycheck of each month)
All allowances are subject to applicable taxes