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Image Guided and Adaptive Therapy

The new book entitled “ Image-Guided and Adaptive Therapy” by R. Timmerman and L. Xing has been published recently by Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins (Baltimore, MD). This book has been developed to meet the growing demand for information, knowledge, and guidelines for the emerging arena of image-guided and adaptive radiation therapy. It provides details on the latest developments, innovations, clinical procedures, and thinking for radiation oncologists, medical physicists, engineers, therapists, dosimetrists, and health care managers. A broad range of topics pertaining to image-guided and adaptive radiotherapy research and clinical activities are covered. Each chapter was contributed by clearly recognized experts in the field. The volume provides a timely overview of the exciting developments in this nascent field, serving as a springboard for those who are interested in clinically implementing various image-guided and adaptive techniques. Take a peek at the book cover and search the availability on the website of Amazon here or the publisher’s website here.

Book Chapters

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