November 2014

Congratulation to Ping Liang, Feng Lan, and Andrew Lee for receiving the 2014 Basic Science Paper in Circulation

September 2014

Antje Ebert published on using ethnic specific iPSC-heart cells for studying ALDH2 genetic polymorphism

August 2014

Joseph Wu, MD, PhD, discusses Stanford CVI Cardiac iPS Cell Biobank Effort with Modern Tek News on KZSU, Stanford 90.1 FM

July 2014

Dr. Wu delivered Keynote Lecture at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Frontiers in Cardiovascular Biology (FCVB) meeting in Barcelona, Spain

June 2014

Congratulations to Paul Burridge for his paper in Nature Methods on chemically defined generation of cardiomyocytes.

Review article by Matsa E et al on human stem cells for modeling heart disease and for drug discovery published in Sci Transl Med

May 2014

Congratulation to Angela Zhang (Harvard undergrad) for receiving the 2014 AHA Summer Undergrad Student Research Award

Congratulations to Nigel Kooreman and Patricia de Almeida on their Nature Communications paper.

Congratulation to Ivy Nguyen for receiving the Stanford Undergraduate Advising and Research Award

April 2014

The 2014 ASCI/AAP Joint Meeting program will feature lectures by accomplished researchers who discussed state-of-the-art advances in their respective fields. CVI members Dr. Brian Kobilka is an invited speaker, Dr. Mark Nicolls is inducted as ASCI member, and Dr. Joseph Wu is elected as ASCI Councilor.

March 2014

Congratulation to Wan Xing for receiving the 2014 American Medical Association Seed Grant Research Program Award

February 2014

Joseph Wu is interviewed for Stem Cells Portal, the STEM CELLS Journal Online Community

January 2014

Joseph Wu presents "Cardiac iPSCs for Accelerating Drug Discovery Research" at the 7th Takeda Science Foundation Symposium on PharmaSciences

Congratulations to Elena Matsa and Jared Churko for receiving the NHLBI Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium (PCBC) Jump Start Awards