Placenta Team

The Placenta Team, informally known as the “Placenta Posse”, refers to a selected group of undergraduate students that aid in Dr. Winn’s laboratory research. They represent all grade levels (Freshman through Senior) and come from a wide array of majors. The common denominator of the team is that they all possess an interest in learning more about human pregnancy and the placenta. These students work alongside lab personnel and become certified in clinical human subject research and HIPPA training, learn placental anatomy, become familiar with tissue and blood sample processing – all while becoming familiar with the working in a clinical setting.

To become involved with the Placenta Team, or to get more information, please contact Dr. Purnima Iyer ( stating your interest and providing a CV.  

Victoria Wang Xin

Victoria Wang Xin is a sophomore from Maryland interested in all manner of human development, from stem cells to societies. She is planning to major in Human Biology, with the goal of becoming a physician-scientist in the future. Aside from the Placenta Team, she is involved with Cardinal Free Clinics, the Kuo Lab at Stanford, and Camp Kesem (woohoo!). In her spare time, you'll find her swimming and/or enjoying beautiful landscapes.

Neeharika Bandlapalli

Neeharika (or Neeha) Bandlapalli is a senior majoring in Chemistry with the hopes of becoming a doctor. Her hobbies include baking, drawing, painting, reading, writing, and laying in the grass. She is a big believer in trying new things and experimenting.

Crystal Chen

Crystal Chen is a sophomore studying Human Biology and minoring in Education at Stanford University. Crystal assists with patient recruitment and placental analysis for the EPOCH study and is passionate about maternal and fetal health research. A native Californian, she is a Mandarin interpreter and Patient Outreach Chair for Cardinal Free Clinics as well as a Photo Editor for the Stanford Daily. In her free time, she likes photography, reading, playing Sudoku, and spending time with her two dogs and friends.

Emily Gurwitz

Emily Gurwitz is a sophomore biology major from McAllen, Texas. Outside of class, she spends her time on research, Kids with Dreams (a Stanford club inclusive of Palo Alto community members with intellectual disabilities), and long-distance running.

Sarrah Hussain 

Sarrah Hussain is a 3rd-year undergraduate student majoring in Human Biology.

Vanessa Cid

Vanessa Cid is a 2nd-year undergraduate majoring in Neurobiology.

Jayla Taylor

Jayla Taylor is a freshman from California interested in the intersection between health and social justice. She is looking into majoring in Human Biology and minoring in African American studies, with the goal of becoming a physician working with minority care. In her free time, she loves reading, crocheting, theater, and spending time with friends and family.

Anita Taft

Anita Taft is a sophomore from California studying Human Biology with interests in immigrant and refugee health disparities. Apart from the Placenta Team, she is a volunteer for the Cardinal Free Clinics and conducts research on improving pregnancy outcomes. In her free time, she enjoys reading, archery, and road trips with her friends.