Brain Research on Addiction and Veterans’ Emotions (BRAVE) Study

Our Mission

We envision a multidisciplinary team that unites under the common goal of providing novel, innovative, and exciting science to improving treatment outcomes for Veterans with addiction. The combination of fields such as psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, computer science, and others will allow us to create a multifaceted approach to our research questions. We believe strongly in using this platform to train and mentor future scientists interested in a clinically translatable approach to science. 

Addiction is a huge problem among combat Veterans and the one-size-fits-all approach to treatment does not work for everyone.  
The BRAVE Lab is about getting the Veterans with addiction the right treatment at the right time. 

Ongoing Research



PI:  Claudia Padula
Primary Mentor:  Leanne M. Williams


Co-Mentors:  Keith Humphreys and Julie Weitlauf


Staff:  Alicia Vanden Bussche, Kathryn Maslowski, Beate Davis, Haley Cook, Roshni Lulla, Andrew Rauch



R&D CDA-2 (PI: Padula)
NeuroChoice Inititative (PIs: Knutson, Humphreys and Malenka)


RAD R01 (PI: Williams)


the brave team

The BRAVE Team at PanLab

Kathryn Maslowski, Alicia Vanden Bussche-Jantz, Claudia Padula