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Our mission is to understand the role of mechanosensation in the eye and how it relates to glaucoma.


Our goal is to discover new strategies for treating glaucoma by understanding the mechanisms of mechanosensation in the eye. By combining human genetic analyses, in vitro molecular and electrophysiological approaches, and in vivo mouse models of glaucoma, we are currently studying the role of mechanosensitive ion channels in glaucoma.


· What are the ion channels that mediate pressure sensing in the eye? 
· What physiological roles do these channels play in the eye? 
· Do these ion channels mediate the development of glaucoma and other ocular pathologies?


· in vitro electrophysiological recording  of ion channel activity
· in vitro optical imaging of ion channel activity
· in vitro mechanical stimulation of individual cells
· genetic manipulation of specific cell types
· mouse models of glaucoma

Dr. Wendy Liu Honors & Awards

  • Research to Prevent Blindness Career Development Award
  • Spark Translational Research Grant, Stanford University
  • KL2 Career Development Award, Stanford University
  • Mentoring for the Advancement of Physician Scientists Grant, American Glaucoma Society
  • Young Clinician Scientist Grant, American Glaucoma Society