Dreamweaver Websites

Dreamweaver is no longer supported by Digital Services

Digital Services no longer supports Dreamweaver websites

In January 2018 Digital Services ceased support to Dreamweaver websites. Dreamweaver websites that remain on Stanford Medicine servers are scheduled to be frozen in March 2019. Frozen sites will not be editable. Owners may migrate their websites into Adobe Experience Manager or request that they be moved to a UIT server. 

Please submit a help ticket for assistance with site migration or transfer to a UIT server.


Restricted Information

Do NOT use your public website to store anything containing patient information governed by HIPAA, or any personal information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, date of birth, etc. If you need to store or manage any such information, contact IRT to request help first.

Migrate to AEM

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is the fully supported web platform for Stanford Medicine.

AEM makes it easy to create responsive, mobile-friendly sites with drag and drop components and built-in configurations — no need to code, no HTML required.

Join divisions, departments, centers, institutes, labs, and many others who have moved over to AEM.