Multimedia Gallery

Create a gallery of images

Video Tutorial



The Media Gallery component provides an easy way to embed a set of images to display to end users in a high quality gallery that they can browse.

Gallery Features

  • Drag images from your asset folder
  • Add captions and ALT text
  • Hyperlink the images
  • Looks great on all devices

Dialog explained

Add Item

This link adds a slide to the bottom of the list. You can click this multiple times to add more than one slide.


Drag an image from the Content Finder on to this drop zone. You can crop and size just like the image component.

Image Description

This is the required field that makes your content accessible to all users.

Slide Text

This is the caption box for this image. You may use all the features of the rich text editor.

Link To

Add a hyperlink to your slide so users can browse to other content.