External Iframe

Add an iFrame to an external webpage

Video Tutorial


The External iFrame allows a web author to reference an external URL and create a window to display the website in an iFrame.


Only click "Edit" from the toolbar. Once you are in edit mode enter the target URL for the iFrame content. If you select "Target" from the toolbar it will break your page and you will need to submit a ticket to webhelp.stanford.edu for us to fix the page. 

Other External iFrame Features

  • Target application
  • Pass parameters
  • Width and Height

Target application

Select the external link to use. Type the URL in the Target application field in the correct format, similar to: http://www.example.com.

Pass parameters

Leave Pass parameters unchecked.

Width and Height

Leave Width and Height blank to use the default sizing. Select the Width and Height if you are looking for a fixed size.


AEM is integrated with AntiSamy to verify user-supplied HTML/CSS is in compliance with Stanford security rules & to ensure user don't supply malicious code. Sometimes URLS are removed by such process. For instance if your iFrame URL has unsafe characters like open & close bracket [ ] then the URL will not work.