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Information about Issues Impacting AEM Performance

Date Reported: November 14, 2018

Issue: Some authors are experiencing error messages upon login to AEM, lack of access to websites and/or assets and the inability successfully publish pages.

Impacted Groups: Any author who was added to AEM or who had new site rights granted after June 2018 may be impacted by access issues. All authors may be impacted by pages not successfully being published.

Cause: An error related to syncing author and permissions data occurred during AEM maintenance work on Tuesday evening. 

Action: Please submit a help ticket if you are experiencing any of these issues.Include the name(s) of the website(s) you are unable to access.


11/15/18, 3:15 pm
Digital Services expects site access issues to be resolved by Friday, 11/16 at 9:00 am. As of 1:00 pm today pages are being published as expected. 

11/16/18, 12:15 pm
As of this morning we are aware of pages not being successfully published and are working to resolve this issue. We are also aware that pages that have previously been deactivated have been reactivated.  

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