Spring 2021 Known Issues

Maintenance Date: May 2021

Updated Monday, June 8, 2021

Stanford Medicine AEM underwent a significant maintenance cycle between May 7th - May 9th, 2021.

Active Issues

Broken images

  • Some sites are experiencing broken images on both author and / or on published pages
  • Many of these issues have been resolved. If you are experiencing this issue submit a help ticket and include the link(s) to the page(s).

PDF links resulting in error messages

  • Reports of error messages for PDF links referencing documents in the DAM. We are actively working to resolve this issue.

Some pages directing to a content/sm link OR 404 pages.

  • Some pages are directing to a med.stanford.edu/content/sm link.  If you have experienced this issue please submit a help ticket and include the link(s) to the page(s), and if possible, a screenshot. Thank you.
  • On May 18th a fix was released that resolved many of these issues. We are aware of several outstanding paths and working to resolve those as well.


SUNet Pages Inaccessible

  • Site visitors unable to access SUNet protected pages. They receive error messages and / or 404s and are sometimes unable to access pubic pages after this occurs. 
  • If you encounter this issue please submit a help ticket and include the urls where this occurs. Note that if you are an author and an end user reports this issue it is possible you will not be able to replicate it. Please still report it.
  • This issue has been resolved for most sites that have pages protected by SUNet ID. If you encounter it please report it so that we may investigate.


Authors reporting receiving emails regarding AEM workflows

  • Authors report receiving emails regarding workflows after uploading images


Reference Component Unavailable

  • Existing reference components exist but are not editable
  • Not possible to create a new reference component. We are actively working to resolve this issue.

Resolved Issues

Newly activated pages not appearing on med.stanford.edu

  • When authors activate a page it is not appearing on med.stanford.edu
  • Likely cause: dispatcher needs to be flushed
  • Expected resolution: May 10th end of day
  • Resolved: May 10th, 3:00 pm


Text Editor tools missing

  • Authors reporting that the Rich Text Editor (RTE) tool bar in multiple components (text editor, text & image, feature box, etc.) is missing several tools that are normally part of the funtional editing toolset 
  • Resolved: May 11th 2:00 pm


Authors reporting inability to successfully upload images to DAM

  • Some authors have reported inability to successfully upload images. A 'blank' image appears in place of the thumbnail.
  • Resolved: May 11th 1:00 pm Please note the thumbnail may first appear blank but after a short time the correct thumbnail will appear.


Authors reporting 'outdated template' when attempting to publish a page

  • Outdated template messagae appears when authors attempt to publish some pages.
  • Please submit a help ticket and include the url of the page(s) you encounter this issue
  • Resolved: May 13th at 6:00 pm