Release 1.0.9

August 4, 2014


McKinley news page template

Added some more automated testing scripts for news lists

News list option to display newswire feeds

Logic to leverage cap tags while maintaining backwards compatibility with the roles/orgs tags used on an earlier iteration of profiles

Easier ability to click and edit the separator component in edit mode


Improved Mckinley navigation design

Updated JS to address a repaint display issue in Chrome. Also applied a minor update to the navigation height calculation function

Updated root path to point to local media contacts location

Updated scaffolding to place medics contacts under news site

Cleaned up ordering in the new page dialog

Float the Dialog for Feature Box component to allow easier editing

Updated CAP profile views to use official title property

Added community news exclusion tag to newswire integration configuration

sorter config to sort both content and dam profile nodes


Web author permission architecture

Facebook warning on news pages

Resolved bug preventing multiple uses of the collapse rich text editor plugin on a page

Hyperlinked entire logo on home page

CSS fix for flash of unstyled content

Updated CSS to address a display issue with heading widths on nav items with position-right and width-33-percent

Added logic to exclude multiple tag ids from being sent to Newswire


Updated test content project pom to include newswire channels general list.

Merged branch 'develop' of into develop

Added Newswire channels general list to the test content project.

Migrated news content page type

Truncated date time field pre formatting to remove time portion, isolating it to date and year. Refactored the jsp code to not repeat logic in the <choose> tag

Updated pom version to be realigned with upcoming version number

Cleaned up stack traces in the logs

Updated develop with hotfix versions to avoid merge conflicts