Release 1.0.22

February 24, 2015


  • Email newsletter feature for use by OCPA on ISM.
  • Ability to removal masthead shadow for custom sites
  • Custom links to the local footer in custom sites


  • The wording of the Stan Med article profile component email link to "Email the magazine editor."
  • Dynamic image service to all pages and email to request any size images dynamically
  • Vertical spacing for adaptive images in myheartcounts
  • Global footer link to web help removed in most themes
  • Newsletter test dialog so that test submissions work


  • Defect with Html Email News Page.
  • Bugs with HtmlEmailImageWidth, HtmlEmailNewsPage, and HtmlEmailImage.
  • CAP profile content synch defects


  • Added config for credentials for Template Factory on staging and prod author instances.
  • Remove image nodes only if api does not return a profile image
  • Removed references to unused JS files
  • Added configurable paging parameter Fixed property type issue with phoneNumbers
  • Added a missing .content.xml file to the HTML Email templates
  • Modified build to include a hotfix jar provide by Adobe to fix issue with Doctypes in newsletter content.
  • Fixing version numbers in pom.xml files
  • Updated packages/application pom file to include apps/sm/widgets in builds.
  • Removed the Externalizer utility from Image and News builder components (AEM automatically externalizes URLs)


  • Email newsletter functionality using drag and drop components
  • CAP synchronization defects resolved
  • Variety of custom design features to control style