Release 1.0.21

February 24, 2015


  • Simple bullet option for unordered lists. Toggle button added for setting the style.
  • A small hover area next to McKinley menu items to give the mouse more room as the user moves to a sub navigation item
  • Added hover color to links in McKinley menu headers
  • Basic list, list, video list component now shows pages that are hidden from navigation
  • Inside Stanford Medicine (ISM) email template for HTML Emails
  • Various email content components to support ISM
  • New button to MCD hospital page for watching a new video.
  • More color options and new default style for accordion component
  • Added field explanation to page privacy settings.


  • Improved accessibility of pages, navigation, timeline and banners
  • Improved focus indicators for global navigation
  • Nested unordered lists received more left padding
  • Improved the focus indicator style for the Hero Banner arrows
  • Added a small hover area next to menu items to give the mouse room as the user moves to a sub navigation item
  • More Padding/margin for Social buttons on CME course pages
  • Improved validation of HTML
  • Reconfigured navigation links so that the Link checker service will allow protected pages in list
  • News-list builder to use absolute links for images src
  • Increased the border-and-shadow left/right padding to 12px
  • New default limit value for the news builder
  • Updated the Panel Builder components to use HTML friendly markup and CSS.
  • Changed the CSS used to fix the spacing between adaptive image and text


  • Broken navigation in Everest theme for FireFox
  • CSS bug in news template
  • Facebook share on Stanford Medicine Magazine pulling in additional unwanted information
  • Collapse text function in text editor is not behaving correctly
  • No-Style bullet points are not wrapping & need more padding
  • Timeline component display
  • Display bug with single day events in event list and event template
  • HTML5 DocType in McKinley design
  • Layout graphical selector issue on panel builder
  • Broken video player in an Accordion
  • Responsive columns in panel builder
  • CSS based max-height and max-width to address issues in iPhone 4, 5 & 6
  • Image caption color not getting set properly when image is dropped from the content finder


  • Fixed the JS error causing the color string comparison to fail. Updated LESS to use color-variables
  • Added the required content node for creating HTML email campaigns on localhost
  • Moved the Link Checker configuration to the Bundle-Install package.
  • Removed iframe component from code base
  • Heading Component uses Placeholder Text Instead Of Default Values
  • Upgraded the Holder.js dependency to the most recent version (the new version handles invisible images)
  • Removed the max-height inline CSS in HTML Email news builder
  • Updated the POM to include the /aps/mcm folder for HTML Emails
  • Restored the correct scope to JSP variables
  • Converted Scriptlet code to JSTL
  • add config node for CQ Day email service
  • nav.js to use jquery's index() method
  • Small tweak to advanced tab in page properties


  • Accessibility improvements across templates, navigation, banners, and timelines
  • Basic bullet points in the text editor
  • Email template for ISM
  • Accordion color defaults and options
  • McKinley menu usability improvements