Release 1.0.20

January 23, 2015


  • New features for McKinley navigation
  • Shared password privacy to allow password-protected pages
  • CSS class (no-styles) to style unordered lists as simple bullets
  • Functionality to tab between menus using the keyboard
  • Tabbed-keyboard navigation to smaller screen sizes/breakpoints
  • Focus styles to the hamburger button
  • Keyboard navigation to timeline component
  • A workflow process to be used with the box migration opt-in form



  • McKinley navigation design is rebuild for better usability and editing
  • Image field description to remind users to use images from the Content Finder
  • Everest theme to display the sub-menu arrows all the time
  • Converted arrows in Everest navigation to chevrons



  • Everest navigation defects related to recent code changes
  • JS error in navigation
  • Typos in a couple of components
  • Issue in 'Browse Archive' section at the top of Stanford Medicine magazine pages
  • Spacing to allow enough room for the blockquotes before sudo-element
  • The content "creep" bug
  • Icon color in Share Page component
  • Issue that was causing WebAuth to break
  • Mobile navigation closing issue
  • Error in the mobile navigation animations



  • Added debug logging for SAML Authentication to help track down the slowness we see sporadically
  • Added ignore property for ApiPhoto. A new property was added which has been breaking the CAP sync
  • Updated Everest navigation to use the common navigation mixin
  • Updated Utils.mixin() to better handle default values
  • Overlaid the Hidden Form Component so that we can add a hidden field containing the logged-in user's ID to a form
  • Refactored the Accordion JS to use the component initializer, reordered the component init declarations in the
  • Fixed bug in the mixin utility
  • Refactored accordion.js: sandboxed functions that were in window scope, defined the dependencies used, prefixed the CSS selectors with the '.accordion' class.
  • Defined missing dependencies


  • New horizontal navigation design for McKinley
  • Shared password page protection (Basic authentication)
  • Improved accessibility for navigation
  • Simple bullet list styling