Release 1.0.16

October 27, 2014


  • HTML5 Email campaign / newsletter preview release (not ready for general use)
  • Ability to include pages in news and event list components that are hidden in navigation
  • Ability to change hero banner 'learn more' link
  • Required Alt Text field to hero banner dialog
  • Strategic content to all news story pages in the news center


  • Made small correction to panel builder description and added path to panel builder layout options
  • Additional links, video, and Stanford Medicine logo added to welcome page
  • Share page toolkit icon
  • Form field style for more consistent fonts, colors, and spacing
  • Increased the hero banner caption clickable area
  • Accessibility upgrade (keyboard navigation) to hero banner
  • Event page template to include a panel background and more flexibility
  • Hero banner navigation arrows to be position with content


  • Typo in the edit dialog for Hero Banner. Increased the Herobanner caption clickable area
  • Defect in map component that breaks event pages with a map
  • Resize defect on hero banner
  • Fixed CSS that styles the H6 tags in the issue slider widget.
  • Various StanMed issues
  • Link with arrow styling in various components
  • Style issues in the text and image component
  • News builder basic page styling
  • Style for search results
  • Mckinley navigation JavaScript errors
  • Defect where JS dependencies are being used before they are defined
  • Simple banner position dialog field


  • Added config for staging author for SAML auth.
  • Core functionality for new hero banner layouts
  • Revert "Updated CSS class name to the template name.
  • Added null checks to fix errors seen in prod publish on stanmed pages
  • Added functionality to identify the current slide in the herobanner
  • Removed call to Google Maps API script from base page component and added it to the map component JSP.
  • Added min-width and max-width to the CSS mix
  • Disabling CAP sync job on staging
  • Added an initializer for the SM object in timeline.js
  • Updated page teaser name
  • Updated Everest hero banner to use the common hero banner component JS
  • Moved generic Olympus hero banner JS to commons
  • Added AMD support to utils
  • Added in the code that modifies the parent container background style
  • Added an optional CSS selector to the initialization method
  • Updated CSS class name to the template name
  • Added utils.js to the load list
  • Added 'isElementInViewport()' method to Utils
  • Adjusted filters so that custom projects aren't stomped on
  • Updating monument link to be relative
  • Moved positioning code into it's own function for easier unit testing later


  • News and event lists can include pages hidden in navigation
  • More required ALT tags
  • Improved accessibility for hero banner
  • Update welcome page
  • Base functionality for new banner layouts
  • Improved event page template