Release 1.0.15

October 7, 2014


  • Twitter timeline component - embed users, lists, and custom widgets
  • New layout for News Builder component.
  • Clinical trials listing component with 4 different layouts - full integration with clinical trial with no code needed
  • Login component for private pages (preview release)
  • TypeKit font service integration (used on Stanford Medicine magazine)


  • Simple banner now includes full-width caption, colors and icons in heading bar, and simplified setup dialog
  • Download component now has optional force download option to override browser defaults
  • Alt text now required on simple banner and a few other components
  • Simple banner can now be used in homepage banner space


  • Thumbnail preview on Video List Builder.
  • Load performance of images uploaded directly from desktop
  • Method to check for empty string on alt text
  • Issue with prev/next component on Stanford Medicine magazine
  • Image component margins


  • Added call to explicitly flush response buffer, which should finish the response sending it to the client
  • Added additional logging to better understand which urls are been 401'd by the permission checker
  • Changed cap profile config to global author
  • Turn production CAP sync on by default
  • Changed logging to be formatted more consistently
  • Wrapped profile save in try/catch so that processing continues when a profile sync fails. Also added additional logging to give more details around the failure.
  • Component configuration clean up
  • Refactor utility that adjusts author entered urls if needed
  • Removed System.out code that was used for debugging.


  • Clinical trials component
  • Twitter timeline component
  • Simply banner updated
  • Download component updated
  • Alt text requirements
  • Various bug fixes