Release 1.0.14

September 23, 2014


Imported Stanford Medicine templates and components for next issue

Clinical API Service to enable new Clinical Trials components

Share component used on MCD site (not released for public use yet)

New login component (supertyping foundation)


Hero banner slide ordering

Playlist player component no height bug in Firefox

Issue preventing proper rendering of drop zones in flip panels

Text editor link "open in New Window" did not work

Vertical margins too high in iparsys

margin adjustment for images in text editor

Subheading and anchor heading styles in block header style.

News builder newswire feed not loading in FF and IE11

Twitter counts not incrementing

media gallery js error on page load when no images are set

Media Gallery thumbnail css adjustment


Updated page on/off labels

Added field description to page On/Off field property fields

Disabled inline editing for all text components


Added call to retrieve base profile url from osgi config

Cap Sync Job on publish instances

Disabled newswire publish job on publish instances

Removed the "static" from the Logger declaration to prevent some build issues

Adding code to get around a build error being seen regarding a missing dependency

Simplified referrer filter configuration

Added environment specific SAML Authentication Handler configurations

Removing LESS code that ended up in css file.

Adding dependency to services pom which is required by some of the new beans.

Changed default url to '/' to compensate for our prod redirect


  • Stanford only privacy for pages
  • CAP Profile auto updates
  • Clinical Trials API Service
  • Stanford Medicine Magazine Templates
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Improved Page on/off field help
  • Block style style improvements