Release 1.0.12

September 4, 2014


Event list to feature a list of events

Map component to mark one or more locations

Feed component to embed RSS and ATOM content feeds

Alpha version of Image Gallery - will be ready to use at next release

Alpha version of inheritable panel - will be ready to use at next release

Tool tips on components in Toolkit

Adobe CQ Security Service Pack


Stanford Health Care logos and URLS

Added map component to event template

Text editor dialog always floats now

Faster global navigation page load

Improved some component edit menus and dialogs

Better McKinley 2 column template thumbnail

New news list toolkit icon


News list component now excludes image caption in excerpt

Image component loads proper rendition to keep pages small

Vertical spacing in accordion headings

Corrected the white padding space in the event component.

Styles of edit template are improved for mobile

Welcome page dynamic links are not filtering

Broken links on welcome page

Fixed missing external link paragraph style on color block list component

Bug resolved in Add Related Links component


Refacted some CSS to use LESS mixins and variables

Added cq.siteadmin.admin to categories list

Updated environment configs to use appropriate hostname

Renamed saml-access-group to all-sunet-users

Added labels and descriptions for OSGI config

Standardized on the labeling a bit and added annotation for permission checker servlet

Added code to control the classes added to the container div

Added permission head servlet for dispatcher configuration

Added Event list selenium tests

Add Feed selenium tests

Renamed "core-example" project to "core-services"


  • New event list component
  • New map component
  • New feed component
  • Toolkit branded Stanford
  • Updated footer logos
  • Adobe security hot fix
  • Image component fix