Release 1.0.10

August 18, 2014

This release focused on building initial structured event publishing capability, finalizing CAP profile synchronization, improving search results, and adding form styles. With author's feedback, we updated a number of components and resolved a number of critical defects.


Event page template for McKinley and Everest themes

Collapsible accordion component in Layout group

Horizontal tab component in Layout group

Dynamic link and tool navigation to welcome page.

Preview release of map component

Navigation to McKinley home page template

Streamlined the content finder tabs

Icons from Font Awesome 4.1.0

Stanford medicine design for form elements

Auto Rotate property to banner builder dialog

Google search promoted links appear in search results

Feature images show up in search results


Ordered page templates to make common ones easier to select

Navigation to updated for new domain name

News boilerplate copy

Stanford Health Care copy

Text and image component list styles to be consistent

Playlist player component to require a dimension to avoid FF issues.

Removed feedback link on global footer.

Improved accessibility by adding focus outline on more elements

Profile "Selected Profile Not Found" messages now only appear in edit mode

Switched over to use title vs primaryContactTitle when displaying profile data


McKinley navigation defects

Long URL wrapping issue in mobile view

Set adaptive image tag to use .jpg extension if the resource in the DAM does not have an extension

Issue with 'more' button on news builder items using newswire source


Refactored code to use underlying API vs finding the path manually

Added comment to inherit.js widget explaining what it does