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Text Editor

The "Text Editor" component offers a full RTE (rich text editor) to easily create page content. You can choose from a list for pre-defined text formats such as headlines, quote styles and links.

Other Text Editor Features

  • Bold, italics, underline, super/subscript
  • Left, center & right justification
  • Add hyperlinks
  • Unordered and ordered lists
  • Indent Paragraphs
  • Create "more" expandable drawers with the "Collapse Text" feature
  • Spellchecker
  • Special characters
  • HTML editor

Dialog explained


The editor automatically fixes and optimizes the HTML that is produced when content is added in the visual editor or manually entered in the source view. Here are the primary rules:

  • Comments are removed
  • Block content is enforced (line 1<br>line 2 is converted to <p>line 1<br>line 2</p>)
  • Nested lists are corrected (<ul><li>item 1</li><ul><li>Item 1.1</li></ul></ul> will be changed to <ul><li>item 1<ul><li>Item 1.1</li></ul></li></ul>)
  • Tags that are not supported will be removed
  • Table <thead> is removed due to format challenges

Bold, italics, underline, super/subscript

The Text Editor has rich text capability. Bold, italicize, or underline to emphasize words or content. Add a super or subscript for formulas.

Left, center & right justification

Need to format content? Left, center, or right justify it.

Add hyperlinks

Add hyperlinks directly in the content.

Unordered and ordered lists

Have lists? Create bulleted or numbered lists.

Indent Paragraphs

Indent a paragraph or text for emphasis.

Create "more" expandable drawers

Have a long page of content? Use the "Collapse Text" feature to turn selected text into an anchor tag that collapses long paragraphs.


Use the spell check feature to make sure each time words are spelled correctly.

Special characters

Use special characters for inline copy and text creation. Need more in the list? Let the Help Desk know!

HTML editor

Prefer to work in source mode? Edit the source to have control of where your <b> or <h1> tags go.

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