Release 2.5.0

June 28, 2018



  •  - Social Media sharing metadata added to Page Properties.  These features give authors control of what details and information are displayed when your content/pages are shared in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other Social Media applications.  See sidebar of the Knowledge base for more details. 


  •  - Enhancements to News List Component that improve functionality and add better display options.   More details and instructions on improvements we have made. 
  •  -  Icon packages have been updated (FontAwesome 4.4.0) (see under fixed)


  •  -  Discrepancies in FontAwesome packages between Author and the live web versions have been reconciled
  •  -  Email link for sharing clinical trial information pages is restored to working
  •  -  News List dialog for building fixed lists is restored
  •  -  Feed component parsing error in IE browsers fixed


  •  -  Upload file type restrictions added.  Video media and other similar large file types are prevented from being uploaded to the Digital Asset Manager.  If you are seeking to put videos on your websites, use Mediaspace and embed it with the Video component
  • -  Universal footer links to Stanford University Privacy Policy and Terms of Services were updated in May to reflect current data retention policies and agreements. 
  • - Link updates in Global Navigation

Social Media Sharing - settings in Page Properties

A new feature that we have added in this release gives Web page authors more control about how your content is represented in Social Media sharing.  Utilizing the Page Properties dialog, authors can pre-set how the image, title, and descriptive information will be presented for a page/article when that link is shared over Facebook, Twitter, or other services. Although ideal for sharing articles and long form content, this feature can be employed on any web page. 

For instructions and more detail, see this article in the Service Now Knowledge Base.