Release 2.3.0

March 29, 2016


  •  - Expanded selection of options for image scaling adds 33%, 25% options.  Also, images can be default centered in the container
  •  - Popup image galleries - along with modal popup (fixes default state to none), images can be added to a navigable gallery by adding  a common name/tag to the image set. 
  •  - Timeline component expansion animation for smooth transitions


  •  - Increase gutter space in narrow columns for better readability
  •  - Font styling enhancements and improvements for newsletters
  •  - For audio component display, scaled to fit full width of the container space
  •  - Feature box better contrasting colors
  •  - Display of validation state error handler improvements.


  •  -  Return default state of modal popup on images to no modal popup.  Creating a modal popup image is now an opt-in feature done by editing the image component options. See sidebar:
  •  - Tab component fix for serialized images anchor linked, so that image advancement controls are in sync with specific anchor. This applies more specifically when an anchor link is indexed to an specific gallery image
  •  - (K2 template only) - removed extraneous lines from featured headings
  •  - Mobile navigation display corrections for McKinley and K2 templates improves usability
  •  - Tab component dialog box was showing missing anchor values for sorting tab display order in some smaller panel windows.  This has been adjusted to show the sorting dropdown in the dialog box. 


  •  - Stanford Cancer Institute:  removed automated injection of contact information in content body in favor of recent change putting contact information in the right column

Image display improvements: resizing, popups, and popup galleries

Last release we introduced the popup box for images.  Unfortunately, we were a bit overzealous and applied it to nearly all images across the board - those diagonal arrows that you see in the corner of images.  With this release, we're returned images to the default state and made the pop-up a checkbox option in the image editor.  In addition to that, three new features controlled in the image editor options to be aware of: 

- Scale your image to 33% or 25%  (Width Percentage)

- Automatically center the image in the container that it sits in  (Center Image checkbox)

- Create a popup image gallery (Enable fullscreen modal... + Group Name )

To create the gallery, add several images and input the same group name to them so that they get displayed in a scrollable gallery.