Release 2.2.1

March 8, 2016


  •  - Modal popups (and closure) for image implementation
  •  - Colorblock date picker for month-year avaialble
  •  - Modal image captioning by image title field in image properties


  •  - Global Navigation removes hover state change from non-clickable headings
  •  - Improvements to sort order of link accessibility for Global Navigation first
  •  - Authoring for tab data improvements - individual tabs can be reordered and removed
  •  - News lists layout displayed in compact form
  •  - McKinley navigation highlights for current position in megamenu (dropdown)
  •  - Display improvements/fixes for early IE browsers


  •  - Text wrapping for Featured heading in Everest Theme
  •  - Fixes for print templates on McKinley and Everest 
  •  - Form validation text spacing fixes
  •  - Color fixes for headings on dark background (improved contrast)
  •  - Featured heading spacing fixed for mobile view
  •  - Fix for mobile two column display for Inside Stanford Medicine email template
  •  - Bug fixes for Image Component in Panels with background color


  •  - Stanford Cancer Institute: Clinical trials default search status changed to show only open trials
  •  - Inside Stanford Medicine: Issue home page popout image selectable options


Multiple visual improvements to header and feature texts

Image treatments including Modal Popups and captioning

Tab feature improvements including sorting

Mobile treatment improvements

Global Navigation visual improvements