Release 2.0.1

February 16, 2016


  •  - Heading shadow added to McKinley templates when there is no Top Nav or Hero (Image) space
  •  - Search results for CAP list generation (Affiliation + Organization tags) have been improved such that better boolean lists can be generated by combining affiliation + organization tags.
  •  - Option to use a caption added to modal images 


  •  - Left Navigation dropshadow styling has been made more consistent in separation between menu items
  •  - Removing "hover" css style from Global Navigation menu headings
  •  - Adaptive image space has been given added padding separating from next page element
  •  - Update of some Stanford Medicine logos to reflect current shade of red used
  •  - Heading (H2) overlays over subheadings in the Heading component have been repaired with a set margin.
  •  - Improved contrast of font colors shown in the Text editor for the Panel Builder.
  •  - Background "bar" colors around Hero Images have improved consistency
  •  - Related News stories - updated colors for story links
  •  - Increased image sizing options (25% and 33% width) 


  •  - Some IE8 specific visual bugs addressed
  •  - Bug for the Image Component in Panel Builder background color selection repaired
  •  - Bug in the Hero banner resizing on mobile displays has been repaired. 


 - Cancer Institute Clinical Trials list removes sorting open/closed trials and replaces with filtering only open trials

 - Internal site search functional bugs repaired. 


Multiple visual improvements to header texts

Bug fixes for Hero Images in mobile

More image sizing options

Improved CAP list generation features

Updated Stanford Medicine logos