Release 1.0.36

September 29, 2015


  • Versioning for CSS and JS.  Invalidates the cache of end users for updates in our styles and features.


  • Heading styles (H2, H3) to be consistent in text editor and heading component. 


  • Icons too big in small circles
  • Color block component where the heading style was incorrect
  • K2 page property defect that didn't allow property changes without uploading a new CSS file
  • IE 8 & 9 styles where our CSS was too large to load on those browsers.
  • HeroBanner bugs related to height calculation on mobile, and when height-calc is made due to the browser being resized to and from a mobile breakpoint.
  • in 'page properties' in the toolkit, any changes can't confirm since the OK button throws JS error.


  • med-web-bdsi-imageresource adding resource resolver to slider component
  • Updated code comments in keyboardfocus.js


Improved heading spacing and consistency across all sites

Fixed major IE 8/9 rendering issue

Added versioning to styles 

K2 defects resolved