Release 1.0.30

August 10, 2015


  • New video player design with more room for thumbnail image
  • Captioning defaults and title control for the YouTube player
  • Help tab in text component dialog
  • New banner slider capabilities to the K2 theme
  • Homepage template to K2 theme


  • Various cancer institute styles
  • Some dialog field descriptions
  • Panel builder to include a layout variation CSS class
  • K2 panel component to include full color pallet


  • Help links across the editing environment
  • Panel builder in a tab or accordion component
  • Button in event pages mobile view
  • Default drawer not opening in accordi0n
  • Padding in image captions
  • repeating nav items in dropdown menus
  • Twitter widget link in twitter component
  • Timeline arrow styles


  • Removed console log debug statement
  • Added code to hide dropzones when HeroBanner is in mobile view in Editmode
  • Changed config that determines how far back we should keep content versions.
  • Added the 'imagemultifieldpanel' xtypes to the override block for reordering slides
  • Updated the SlideMultiField xtype to handle children content nodes
  • Added additional JSPs to handle the Hero Banner layouts
  • Added a JS listener to re-initialize dropzones when the edit dialog is closed, removed an unnecessary hidden field from dialog
  • Added a routine to convert stringified JSON into form fields in the SlideMultifield custom xtype
  • Adding config necessary for the workflow audit purge process.
  • Added a Homepage template to K2 Themes
  • Removed unnecessary attribute from script blocks
  • Added a default version ID to the hero banner edit dialog


New default video player design

New features on YouTube player

Help tabs in text component

All critical bugs fixed