Release 1.0.29

June 30, 2015


  • Service line filter for building clinical trials lists
  • Bookmarking for tabs and accordion drawers 
  • Automatic new site provisioning tool to speed up and improve quality of site setup
  • Make cap bio section collapsible in new search results component
  • Search feature for SCI directory list of CAP profiles by Program
  • CSS to style tab component for home navigation in new SCI site


  • News builder component to respect page On/Off schedule
  • Some changes to SCI Profile search component
  • Site masthead title to link to home page of site by default
  • Newsletter template metadata
  • News template defaults


  • SCI Profiles Directory styles
  • Issue that was causing JS code to appear in newsletter content.
  • Publish workflow tags showing up in the 'Filter By' on News Center
  • Removed line after last entry on news list component - Compact View
  • CSS update for SCI site
  • Bugs with the accordion behavior
  • Image reference issue in news builder component for newsletters


  • Moved the custom styles to cancer-styles.css, commented out the cancer styles in the tabs less file
  • Updated Tab JS to integrate with the collapse accordion plugin
  • Added Editmode Clientlibs for Tab Component
  • Updated newsletter template metadata
  • Refactored tabs.js to use our common component module pattern
  • Fixed accessibility bugs with the Tab component HTML
  • Moved ./keyboard.js to ./accessibility/keyboard.js, renamed the namespace to 'accessibility'
  • Created resources to control Aria state and Keyboard focus for accessibility across components
  • Updated the Tab Component JSP to achieve the new layouts, updated the dialog of the K2 version of the Tab Component to be able to select layout options.


Bookmark specific tabs & drawers

New filter for clinical trials component

Web service desk tool to automate site setup

SCI profiles search and results

SCI homepage navigation