Release 1.0.28

June 2, 2015


  • Clinical trials search form so that users can find trials
  • Styled pull-quote bubble color variations in K2 theme
  • Created styles for large and small paragraph text in K2 theme
  • Added field to clinical trials search form component to allow author to focus search on specific service line.
  • Added conditions view of clinical trials component


  • Small tweak to the spacing in the search box dropdown form
  • Added line break note to heading component
  • Color Block component: some captions over the color block fail accessibility contract ratio min.
  • Removed manuscript tab in content finder to simplify interface
  • Removed link-with-chevron paragraph option in text component
  • Modify clinical trials component to allow filtering of list and inclusion of search box to list
  • Main McKinley navigation to have default height - hides browser jump


  • Clinical trials list component: Issue with picking sub-conditions
  • HTML Email Header font color combinations
  • Logo generator so that correct font is generated
  • Issue with google map cutting off when page first loads in a tab component
  • Issue where authors can't edit area above left nav. for some pages
  • Highlight color in feature boxes
  • Broken icons in text editor
  • Plain Bullet styling not working for feature box
  • Wide table does not staying in container
  •  Can't edit text and image component. 


  • Simplified the LESS in the link-with-arrow style mixins
  • Updated content on text component page on styleguide site
  • Converted inline-JS in dialog.xml into editmode clientlibs
  • Moved text component JS into text component clientLibs
  • Updated styling of clinical trials search component so that it fits in narrow columns.
  • Fixed bug with filtering of clinical trials results list.
  • Updated news template headlibs.jsp so that 'SM.components' does not get overwritten after initialization.


New clinical trials search form

K2 design capabilities

Improved accessibility

Logo generator fonts fixed

Many bugs fixed