Release 1.0.26

May 15, 2015


  • International locations to map component
  • Icon field that allows the selection of an image or icon in text and image component
  • Search field option in K2 template navigation
  • Styles for search results on SCI site
  • Advanced tab with custom CSS class field to button component
  • Simple news list format to newsletter


  • Zip Code changed to Postal Code for more international coverage
  • Button component icon picker is not graphical
  • Button component includes more colors
  • McKinley navigation default height
  • Text in accordion component edit dialog
  • Button component CSS and Dialog options based on QA feedback
  • Button markup on pages that use button component styles
  • Updated search styles in McKinley navigation
  • Icon picker field is now graphical


  • Media Gallery component OK button issue
  • Feature box right arrow icon issue
  • Clinical trials component single trial view defect
  • Olympus header style on mobile
  • Everest header style on mobile
  • Everest button style
  • Style defect when mobile menu is closed
  • Keyboard navigation related to search box in vertical navigation
  • Navigation bug with back buttons in global nav
  • Jump-link-layout styles breaking pages.
  • Updated CSS to fix border-bottom issue


  • Removed the unnecessary 'clearfix' class names from the button component HMTL
  • Updated the button component styleguide page to include new justified layout option
  • Added edit mode clientlibs for button component edit dialog
  • Updated button component CSS and Dialog options based on QA feedback
  • Updated nav.js to allow multiple navItems to be kept open at once (required for search box in accordion style nav)
  • Updated global nav to use the common search box JSP
  • Updated button page on styleguide
  • Updated search styles in McKinley navigation.
  • Refactored global and dropdown nav CSS to make search box styles more reusable
  • Fixed navigation bug with back buttons in global nav
  • Added a page to the test content project to demonstrate the icon selector widget.
  • Fixed the selector used on the button component JS
  • Converted ampersands to HTML entities
  • Updated k2 navigation.jsp to include site search markup
  • Updated jQuery selector to not use the global search ID attribute. (ID attribute is going away...)
  • Updated GraphicSelection Widget to fire 'selectionchanged' event when the value is changed
  • Updated CSS to use 4 value property mixins
  • Added namespace to button component CSS selectors
  • Updated button styleguide page to display new possible options
  • Added a better LESS variable name for #f1f1f1
  • Fixed JS issue related to recent changes to panel builder.
  • Added code to resolve CQ = undefined
  • Moved panel builder related JS to panel builder component clientlibs
  • Updated Clientlibs Editmode configuration in templates
  • Moved dropzone mgmt JS functions into a separate dependency for use in other components
  • Fixed a xtype listener bug, updated the dialog text
  • Moved the 'sm.base.editmode' clientlibs category to headlibs.jsp


International locations for maps

Icon picker field released

Simple news list format for newsletter

Button component enhancements

K2 features