Release 1.0.25

May 1, 2015


  • Descriptions to edit dialogs for Accordion and Panel Builder
  • Add extra copy to ISM Newsletter template for OCPA
  • Full-width row option for panel builder in McKinley and K2
  • New modern styling for headings


  • Improved the targeting selector in the panel builder margin-bottom process
  • Accordion Edit dialog to hide/show the toggle all button
  • Made adjustments to the accordion toggle controls
  • Accordion component to allow more areas
  • Accordion component to be accessible
  • Clinical Trials ID field description to be more helpful


  • News builder not showing correct descendant pages
  • Hand not appearing on hover over related links list
  • Social share component not generating a correct URL
  • Captcha on forms
  • Inconsistent width on color block list
  • JS error in the keyboard nav function in accordion.js
  • Accordion page in the Styleguide site
  • Poor formatting for H2 in right column with a subheading
  • Cancer site Accordion CSS]
  • Incorrect accordion color combinations
  • 33/66 Panel Builder displays reversed.


  • Restrict inclusion of new Clientlibs in Captcha to publish only
  • Added a tweak to the overall font-size for Cancer site design
  • Added an extra conditional to check that CQ is not undefined
  • Simplified the parsys dropzone initialization
  • UpMoved the tab element to the anchor tag
  • Added tweaks to the Accordion bottom control CSS
  • Updated Accordion CSS to remove bottom margin on last panel
  • Added a Styleguide page for the Accordion Component
  • Added additional styles for Cancer CSS to allow for toggle button on bottom
  • Added a dependency that handles Keyboard codes


New modern heading style

Updated accordion component with new styles, accessibility, and fixes.

Lots of visual defect fixes

New banner builder row layout.