Release 1.0.24

April 21, 2015


  • Logo generator application to generate logos for Stanford Medicine
  • Special reference component to propagate navigation or content across site in K2 theme
  • K2 site navigation default style
  • CSS to control visibility of local navigation in K2 theme depending on media breakpoint
  • RTE paragraph style for link with chevron.
  • Panel builder background colors in K2


  • Hotfix package provided by Adobe to improve user and group search performance.
  • Allow email newsletter unsubscribe component to be removed from page
  • Removed extra hover areas on McKinley nav css
  • Newsletter org title can handle two lines now


  • Extra bullet points in tag navigation list
  • Tag-based list issues in profile builder component
  • Panel component issue in Firefox
  • Built out custom styles for Cancer site.
  • JS bug in McKinley Style Navigation on K2 theme
  • Broken output of breadcrumb headings in the dropdown menus
  • Broken button styles
  • CSS issues in McKinley navigation
  • Not able to create a new Timeline Event Detail Page in 
  • Missing panel builder format image
  • FB sharing not pulling in live images in banner
  • Homepage news links in red box have vertical spacing issue on a few browsers
  • Email image placeholder is 404 in the newsletter edit UI


  • Moved over JS code that adds a class name that is required by the mckinley-navigation JS
  • Added additional default styles to the breadcrumb headings in mcNav menu
  • Tweaked the base McKinley navigation styles to include some default values
  • Added design config needed for Logo Generator to function correctly.
  • Restored the .nav-outer wrapper class for K2 / Mckinley navigation
  • Made the dropdown-McKinley the default style for K2 nav component
  • Fixed a bug that caused an extra closing </div> tag.  It appeared that the 'hasBackground' or 'cssClass' values were getting updated in one of the JSP includes and caused the broken behavior.
  • Created a separate clientlibs for McKinley Styled Dropdown Navigation
  • Made setting of root of navigation configurable through edit dialog.


Released Stanford Medicine logo generator

K2 theme styles and features

Lots of defect fixes including CAP tag lists, styles, Facebook share, etc.