New Static Web Designs

Sample screen shot of new design
Anesthesia Dept

We are happy to announce that we successfully rolled out a new design to all the Dreamweaver and Contribute websites on Friday, August 14.  This is a big step toward extending the branding and unifying the end user digital experience.  The new design features a shared global navigation, search results, and emergency banner system with our new web platform (AEM).

The IRT test team reviewed a vast number of sites and resolved the global and a number of site-specific issues.  If a site was built with unique styles or non-standard content there may still be a little clean up to do.  The first thing to try is to remove any custom styles from your pages.   As always you may reach out to our help desk and we’ll help walk you through a fix.

More information will be distributed soon about an updated Template download so editing can be easier.

The next steps in the brand extension include the Qualtrics form designs, ORC registration forms, and the blogs.  This all will be rolled out over the next 8 weeks.