New Qualtrics Form Templates

Survey and form builders and others using Stanford Medicine's Qualtrics service have some new flexibility and options to consider this November.  In order to provide an up to date brand appearance, as well as a more mobile friendly design, IRT Web Services has partnered with Qualtrics to release a new default theme as well as an unbranded design that is intended to be used when embedding your surveys in other web pages. 

The new design represents the default theme in Qualtrics so to selected it with your new forms, there is nothing additional to do.  If you are looking to embed your survey in a web page and wish to select the embedded theme, after completing your survey, select the "Look and Feel" menu item, and in the upper left of the new window, click on the arrow next to "Stanford Medicine Default" to select and preview the "Stanford Medicine Embed" theme.  

Hospital users seeking to use the older theme can select the "Stanford Hospital 2" theme using the same process. 

The new Stanford Medicine Qualtrics form theme

The New Embedded theme for embedding surveys in your web pages