Checklist for New Students, Post-Doctoral Fellows & Staff

  1. Read and familiarize yourself with the most current version of your laboratory's Administrative Panel for Laboratory Animal Care (APLAC) protocol before you begin working with animals.
    1. See your lab manager and add your name to your lab's APLAC protocol.
    2. Familiarize with the APLAC Guidelines
    3. Familiarize with Stanford University Policies.
    4. Learn more about laboratory animal occupational risks
    5. Enroll in the Laboratory Occupational Health and Safety Program (LAOHP).
    6. Learn about and enroll in the Lab Partners Program.
  2. Understand logistics and proper methods of working with laboratory animals.
    1. Obtain facility orientation and cardkey access to the animal facility and access to your specific animal rooms.
    2. Visit animal facility and meet your animal room caretaker and supervisor.
    3. Familiarize yourself with AnimalTrax online animal census management.
    4. Proper dress code.
  3. Receive appropriate training for your procedure(s) before you begin working with animals.
    1. Enroll in the required online Animal Care and Use Training
    2. Review “What Training Do I Need?” for additional required and recommended training

Updated September 28, 2020