Guide to Laboratory Rodent Services

Also known as Rodent Guide Handbook

VSC is your partner in biomedical research.  This site and its "appendices" will lead you through the gauntlet of policies, procedures, and expectations of using laboratory rodents at Stanford University.  It will also point out resources to help you successfully conduct research using laboratory rodents.  Send comments, suggestions, or reports of broken links of this site to webmaster.


To get you started on the right path, please be sure to read the information provided on this website plus the following:

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Important information and timely news regarding VSC's lab rodent services is often disseminated via our email list serve.  You are highly encouraged to sign up.  Due to sensitive nature of biomedical research, we do not use social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

To sign up, go to and scroll down to Manage Subscriptions.  Type "rodent-users" in the box under Subscriber Page and click Go To Subscriber Page.  Stanford issued email address and SUNet ID required.

Our mouse cages

Stanford primarily uses Innovive recyclable individually ventilated (IVC) cages in most mouse facilities.  Be sure to ask your tour leader to give you a live demonstration on proper use of Innovive cages as well as microisolator technique of working with mice during your facility orientation.

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Updated 7/10/2020