Veterinary Service Center Employee Awards

DeVere Charron Service Award

The Devere Charron Service Award recognizes Veterinary Service Center employees in honor of DeVere Charron.  DeVere Charron was a colleague, dependable team player, friend, and leader. He contributed vast amounts to the department and fostered a culture of recognizing and valuing employees. 

DeVere was an outstanding individual who had a can-do attitude, strong leadership skills, and was consistently accountable and dependable with his coworkers and team.

Individuals recognized for the DeVere Charron Service Award exemplify these characteristics and traits as employees.

DeVere Charron Spotlight Awards, 2018

Fernando Lopez

“Demonstrates commitment to the wellbeing of all animals at Stanford by ensuring all equipment is clean and ready to use.”
“Excellent at providing customer support to everyone, and always available to answer questions, has a great attitude.”
“Consistently goes above and beyond to solve problems, and finds ways to increase efficiency.”
“Very dependable and reliable, filling in the gaps when needed.”
“Communicates well and is a wonderful coworker.”
“Strong work ethic and is a self-starter.”

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2018 Outstanding Clinician Award

This award is given to a Veterinary Service Center’s veterinary clinician who has demonstrated outstanding clinical and collaborative care.


Monika Huss

"Monika is a dedicated and accommodating teacher; always available to answer questions in a calm, in a thorough and confident way"

"She has the ability to explain complex topics in an easy to follow format, for anyone with or without a scientific background to follow, during her workshops or by helping write protocols"

"Monika is kind, helpful, knowledgeable, compassionate, and is very patient and eager."

2016-17 Outstanding Clinician Award

Stacey Kang, DVM

Stacey exhibits the best qualities of a lab animal veterinarian.

She is always looking out for the best interest of the animal, yet she shows professionalism when dealing with research staff, faculty and students.

She volunteers to help out in clinical care even when it is not her direct responsibility.

She takes the time to research diseases or conditions that she is not familiar with.

RP’s will seek out her guidance independently and truly value her input.

2018 Annual Teaching Awards

Kerriann Casey

Kerriann’s long-standing commitment to the training, mentorship, and education of her students is unquestionable.

She is extremely knowledgeable, very approachable; she is incredible enthusiastic and eager to help.

Kerriann is genuinely interested in the interests and career development of her students and mentees.

Despite her busy schedule, Kerriann is always willing to answer questions, and takes the time to put together extremely useful resources.

Kerriann is a true asset to the Department of Comparative Medicine’s teaching community!

Stanford University Awards

Elias Godoy
Spirit Award 2014


Erin Katz, DVM (left)
Second Place Poster Awardee
2019 NCB-AALAS Educational Symposium
Poster title "Buprenorphine Effectively Provides Postoperative Analgesia in an Incisional Pain Model in Neonatal Rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Alexandra Blaney, DVM (right)
First Place Poster Awardee
2019 NCB-AALAS Educational Symposium
Poster title:  "Sustained Release Buprenorphine Effectively Attenuates Thermal Hypersensitivity in an Incisional Model of Post-Operative Pain in Neonatal Rats (Rattus norvegicus)"

Andrea Craig (left) and My Nuong Thi Hoang (right)
Third Place Poster Awardees
2019 NCB-AALAS Educational Symposium
Poster title:  "All Frogs go to Heaven: Used Tricaine is Effective for Xenopus Euthanasia.”

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Updated September 2019