Comparative Medicine Grand Rounds

Panel Discussion on the FDA Modernization Act 2.0

Join the conversation and bring your questions on this important topic with leaders in biomedical research both within and outside of Stanford.

Panelists Include Representatives From:

  • The California Biomedical Research Association
  • Local R&D and pharmaceutical companies, and 
  • The Stanford SoM Office of Research.


Date: Wednesday, April 12th, 1-2pm

Location: LKSC 130

Please Welcome Dr. Flavio Herberg de Alonso, DVM, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, VSC Animal Diagnostic Laboratory, Director

Dr. Flavio Herberg de Alonso, DVM, PhD

Dr. Alonso is a board-certified Veterinary Clinical Pathologist and is available to provide consultation related to hematology, cytology, bone marrow aspirates, serum chemistry, analysis of electrolytes and blood gases, coagulation panel, fluid analysis (CSF, BAL, TTW, peritoneal/pleural effusion, joint fluid), urinalysis, serology/immunology, parasitology, microbiology, interpretation of visual test results (e.g., flow cytometry plots, electron micrographs, special and immunochemical stains, PARR/clonality), laboratory medicine quality assurance and control, reference interval determination and validation and comparison of laboratory methods. He can also aid with manuscript (e.g., digital image acquisition, figure/plate generation, and verbiage) and grant proposal preparation (e.g., study design, justification, budget, etc.). 

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