What Do I Do After Asking? | Motivational Interviewing

What do I do on the follow-up visits?

•   Assess use since last visit

S2BI and/or “So how do you feel you’ve been doing with the [blank] since the last time we met?”

“And what are you thinking about [blank] these days?”

“Are you thinking you are ready to make a change?”

“Or are you comfortable with your current use?”

Motivational Interviewing Video

Video Time: 2 min

Pre-Contemplative Stage

If still pre-contemplative:

“It sounds like you’re totally fine with continuing to use [blank], and it really annoys you that your parents and now I keep bringing it up with you. In fact, it sounds like you’d really rather not be here right now at all. Is that right?”

“What do you make of the fact that your parents keep worrying about this?”

“Is there something we might be able to do to help them worry less?”

“On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not important at all, 10 being the most important thing, how important an issue would you say your [blank] use is?”

“On a scale of 1-10, how confident would you say you feel that you could stop using [blank] if you wanted to?”


Contemplative Stage

If now contemplative:

“It sounds like you’ve been thinking a bit about your [blank] use.”

“Do you have any questions for me about [blank]?”

“What, would you say, are the things you’re most worried about about using [blank]?”

“Have you decided you’d like to do anything differently?”

“Are you interested in making a change/stop using [blank] today?”

“Making a change can be really hard/scary… How can I support you in doing this?”


Ready for Change Stage

If prepared to begin planning change:

“It sounds like you’ve thought a lot about this issue, and you are ready to make a change.”

“Can I help you make a change/quit plan today?”

“You will always be the one who decides if and when you make this change, but I’m happy to help you create a plan that will maximize your chances of success, if you want.”

[if yes to above] “I have a simple set of questions I ask to help make a change plan… is it OK if I go through them with you?”

[if yes to above]

“The changes I want to make are:”

“The most important reasons to make these changes are:”

“The specific steps I plan to make in changing are:”

“Some people who can support me are:”

“They can help me by:”

“I will know my plan is working when:”

“Things that could interfere with my plan (barriers) and possible solutions include:”