How do I ask? | Engage & Intervene

How do I engage a patient initially on the topic: (adolescent patient alone)

•   “I wanted to thank you for completing the health survey we gave you so honestly… I noticed you mentioned that you have used [blank]…

•   "would it be ok if I ask you a couple of questions about that?”

•   “would it be ok if I tell you a little bit of what I know about [blank].”

How do I begin intervening: (adolescent patient alone)

•   Interview to set the stage for behavior change

•   “What have been the good parts of using [blank] for you?”

•   “and what have been the not-so-good parts of using [blank] for you?”

•   Summarize and assess change readiness (adolescent patient alone)

•   “It sounds like you aren’t worried about your [blank] use, but at the same time you don’t like it when… happens because of your use.”

•   “It’s up to you when or if you decide to cut back or quit [blank].”

•   “Is it OK with you if I share with you what I think would be best for your health?” “What do you think about that?”

•   “Where do you want to go from here?”