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Stanford U19 Center for Excellence in Translation Research

Advancing Broad Spectrum Host-Targeting Antiviral Strategies to the Clinic

National Institutes of Health

Grant Number: 1U19AI109662-01


There is a huge unmet need for novel antiviral strategies. The current paradigm for treating viral infections focuses on targeting viral enzymatic functions. As such, it provides a limited “one bug-one drug” approach and is often limited by a rapid emergence of viral resistance. Importantly, this approach is associated with inefficient use of resources required to address each individual threat. The overall objective of the Stanford Center of Excellence for Translational Research is to develop new classes of host-targeting antiviral drugs that are capable of treating multiple important viral diseases, when used alone or in combination with other available agents. Our activities will include identifying new leads focused on novel human host targets, validating promising lead molecules, and advancing optimized leads to the clinic, as well as repurposing already-approved drugs with known safety profiles for newly discovered antiviral applications. We will pursue therapies for a wide range of new and re-emerging viral priority pathogens for which there is a great clinical and public health need. The research will be conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of Stanford investigators along with collaborators from the University of California-San Francisco, the University of California-Berkeley, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Rockefeller University, and USAMRIID. The Center’s efforts will be enhanced and accelerated by a dedicated Pharmacology Core--providing medicinal chemistry, in vitro and in vivo DMPK support, along with industry consultants—and a Translational Incubator Core, providing strategic scientific, regulatory, preclinical and clinical guidance to all Center projects, as well as identifying pilot projects and technologies within the greater Stanford community that can directly enhance the Center’s goals. Our Scientific Advisory Committee includes leading experts from Stanford, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Infectious Disease Research Institute, the University of California-San Diego, Emory University, Rockefeller University and Gilead Sciences.


“When I initially saw the announcement for this grant I realized it was one of the first opportunities to get sufficient resources to really begin to move the translational needle in a meaningful way. Importantly, I think it could help more than just us; I think it could help the broader community here at Stanford as some of our discoveries and capabilities are also able to help other scientists with their activities.”

--Jeffrey Glenn, MD, PhD